Lil Wayne breaks down his recording process of Cash Money’s early days


Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz sat down with Rap Genius to detail how their track “Bounce” came together and how he initially used to record his verses back in the day with the Hot Boys crew. For his initial recordings Wayne says:

“Baby and Slim was the captains. What would happen is they would give us a title and a subject and everyone would go off. Mannie would go make a beat and you would rap your part to Baby and Slim once you finish. They would dissect the song from there. So you would know whoever they think is the hottest, they putting that verse verse first and whoever they think is the next hottest verse, they putting that verse last. So you always wanted to be first or last..if you go back and listen, I was always first or last.”

Somehow the “magic” formula worked out well, didn’t it?