[NEWS] Metro Boomin vs Young Thug


Metro Boomin went on a twitter rant to shame those attempting to follow Future’s hard work ethic, but it looks like his has ignited a Young Thug and Future Atlanta civil war.

Metro Boomin took to twitter on Monday afternoon and stated that, “ Everyday I wake up, new mixtapes are falling out of the sky.. I think we all know where the trend came from lol.” Some time went by and he followed up with a few more tweets starting off with, “Moral of the story is, putting out 5 tapes in a year won’t make you heat up like Future. That was just his path. It’s not for everyone.”

Those are bold statements coming from Future’s go-to producer. The following morning rapper, Young Thug tweeted, “Hey @MetroBoomin who u referring to????” followed by, “Put some names on that shit lil boy @MetroBoomin”

Young Thug then tweets, “A nigga music couldn’t ever sound nowhere near mines…. ((Im MICHAEL)) he’s ((TITO)).” Clearly referring to Future and finalizes his rant by typing, “It’s ok to ride a nigga dick, but don’t agitate another one lil nigga.”

Clearly Young Thug took his defensive stance when first seeing the tweets from Metro Boomin but has quickly turned into the aggressor. Metro Boomin later tweets in order to clear the air, “You gotta be crazy if you think I subtweeted Thug. That’s Corny. People are allowed to believe what they want though. True or not.”

Future’s only twitter response was, “U will never have the juice like dat…” but then he follows up with, “Good activist Equals Good vibes.” Clearly good vibes is all that is on Future’s mind right now.

As quickly as Metro Boomin tried to deescalate the problem, he turnt right back up today with, “@youngthug I’m in the city @ the spot right now bra and we know each other in REAL life so you can pull upp whenever kuz u know I ain’t no hoe.” Young Thug retweeted and smiled.

Its never good to see beef started by folks that we thought were on the same team. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding between stoners. Future has had a very successful year and Young Thug has dropped several tapes not bringing in the same success. Or maybe the Metro Thuggin’ tape is closer than we think. Hopefully they can come together and continue to bring that strong southern sound that Atlanta lives for.

-K. Mizell

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