Carter vs. Barter


The history of rap music is not short of beefs and throw downs. In fact, some of the biggest stars enriched their careers with lyrical battles, feuds and even violence. Some that jump to mind include Jay-Z vs Nas, Tupac vs Biggie and Fifty Cent vs Ja Rule. The latest to join the long list is the recent spat between Mr. Weezy, otherwise called Lil Wayne and the Thugger aka Young Thug.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere and, not aware of their beef, here’s a quick rundown of what sparked the tit for tat between the two and which could lead to another epic rap feud.

Young Thug, who has said on record that Lil Wayne is an idol of his, announced last year that his new album would be titled Carter 6. If you are a Lil Wayne fan, then you can already see the potential for controversy surrounding the album’s name. First off, Weezy’s surname is Carter…but so do a lot of other people, including celebrities, right? Therefore, the real argument surrounds the fact that Lil Wayne, who has his own beef with the Cash Money stable, had already announced his upcoming 2015 album, which is called…you guessed it…Carter 5. As a result, the upgrade in number for Young Thug’s compilation would seem to be a continuation of Weezy’s legacy.

Lil Wayne seems to not have been aware of Thug’s intention and has taken to the airwaves to voice his displeasure upon hearing about the album’s intended name. The Young Money chief was also backed up by his 16 year-old daughter, Reginae, who used her Twitter account to fire off on Young Thug a month ago, calling his actions childish.

Since then, Young Thug has released his project but has made a tiny change – that of removing the letter ‘C’ and replacing it with ‘B’, so that it is now called Barter 6 – and less likely to result in a legal showdown.

In between all that, there have been disses from both camps, which is somewhat surprising since Young Thug had previously stated that he couldn’t have beef with Weezy because he idolized him and that the name of the album was a tribute to the Young Money boss. Based on an Instagram video, it is questionable whether Thugger still has Lil Wayne as his icon because its contents were rather toxic – even making mention of killing Weezy.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne is still at odds with Cash Money, having sued them for 51 million dollars and Young Thug has been getting airplay (and a good amount of the spotlight) with the release of the video for his song, ‘Constantly Hating’, off the Barter 6 album, which actually features Birdman.

For the most part, other players in the game have stayed away from the controversy. However, T.I., who has worked with Young Thug has defended the decision to call the album Carter 6 as he genuinely believes that it was paying homage to Lil Wayne. Whatever the case, this could sure spark a new era in rap battles. The beef seems about ready for the fire.