Why ATL 2 Makes Sense?


It’s been almost a decade since rapper T.I. made his big screen debut in the movie, ATL, and a lot has happened since. Musical legends such as Michael Jackson and James Brown died, the country was hit by recession and a black man finally made it into the White House. Despite all that has happened much has still remained the same. For instance, Atlanta is still a vibrant melting pot of young and old, rich and poor and everything else in between. As such, the idea of an ATL sequel seems highly relevant.

For those who might have a little fog on the brain trying to remember what the show is about, the movie is centered on the lives of a group of working-class Atlanta teens who are faced with a major crossroad. They are about to finish high school but none seems certain of the future ahead and spend most of their weekends at the Cascade roller-skating rink. T.I., the lead character, plays high school senior Rashad and, along with his little brother Ant, go there to forget their troubles, have fun and meet girls. There is a lot of conflict, wherein Rashad is trying to save his little brother, who gets involved in a gang, while trying his best to deal with his new girlfriend (New-New, played by Lauren London). In the end, the movie has a fairly good outcome that makes it more than a good watch. Also, it had a number of notable cameos, including Outkast’s Big Boi, Jazze Pha, Bone Crusher and Killer Mike.

Based on tweets from lead actor, Tip Harris (T.I.), the making of ATL2 seems highly likely and could hit the big screens within a year. As a matter of fact, if things go to plan, the movie might be out in time for the 10th anniversary of the original ATL in March 2016. T.I.’s tweet was captioned “#ATL2 Get Ready” and showed himself and three of his co-stars – Jason Weaver, Albert Daniels and Jackie Long, along with Director, Chris Robinson. The Atlanta rapper also posted a selfie, this time with London, with the caption “Shad&New-New #ATL2 #Keep Watching.”

Tongues are already wagging since the intention to do a follow-up was made public on March 4th and there is good reason for this – An ATL Part 2 makes sense. Here’s why:

  1. I. gets a chance to further stamp his class as an actor. Having found huge success in music, the rapper showed real pedigree in a number of movies including ATL and American Gangster. However, run-ins with the law have put a damper on both his music and acting career. A successful return to the big screen, reprising his role as Rashad, would be a huge fillip to his career and placing him back on the path which took him to the top of the charts and into the minds of many movie directors. Not to mention the fact that he gets to make some more music, having enriched the soundtrack of the original movie with his album entitled King.
  2. It would bring positive PR to the ATL. Atlanta has always been a diverse and popping city. From its successful rap stars to its sub-tropical Southern climate, along with its entertainment spots and even hints of racism, there’s always been something to see and talk about in the city. However, with current issues such as unemployment plaguing communities in Atlanta, many of the youth are faced with the same issues that troubled the original ATL crew. They are faced with an uncertain future. ATL2 could somehow connect the dots between where they are now – relative to the original movie – and where they could be in ten years’ time – relative to the new production. While the script for ATL2 is not known, it is certain to have the city’s name on the lips of many.
  3. The public gets to find out what happened. Did Rashad and New-New wind up together and have kids? Does Ant turn out to be a model human being? What about the ambitious Esquire? Questions like those are sure to be on the minds of many as the idea of the ATL sequel becomes more of a reality. Although the ending of ATL indicated that Rashad had found his passion and everyone else seemed to be a bit clearer as to where they wanted to be, the interest of many viewers would be piqued to find out how their life turned out. It would be almost like a class reunion (that could even be a part of the plot in ATL2).

ATL2 is definitely a good idea and one which the music and movie industry would really embrace. The world waits with bated breath to see how this will all pan out.