Future on T-Pain and Auto-Tune


Should Future be offended by T-Pain taking shots at him over capitalizing off Auto-Tune?

“I would’ve worked with him, easy, before he made those comments,” Future told MTV News’ Sway Calloway, “[But] when he took the jab at me I pretty much just lost all respect for him.” “Why Me?” he continued. “You could’ve talked to me off the record, or got in contact with me. Before I got in the game, he wasn’t no one I looked up to, but he was someone that I loved his songs.

This all started during an interview T-Pain had with Hartford, CT’s Hot 93.7. He stated “I don’t think Future gets the technology very well. I don’t think he understands how it actually works,” he said. “He’s writing great songs. He’s a great writer.” Then went on to say “As far as how he uses Auto-Tune, I don’t think he knows how it works. I think he’s thinking that you just turn it on, and then it just happens. But nah, he writes great, great hooks and great songs themselves. I just don’t think he actually knows how to use Auto-Tune yet.”

Florida rapper T-Pain credits himself with making Auto-Tune popular. Recently he told Rap-Up, “People wouldn’t be using Auto-Tune at all if it wasn’t for right now.” The “Up Down” singer dismissed reports of friction with Future and defended the Atlanta rapper’s Auto-Tuned music. “I’m down with it. I like it. I totally like it,” T-Pain told Rap-Up TV. He went on to say “I feel like I’m the best to do it. I use it the best. When people try to compare me to other people using it, I don’t see the comparison.”

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