Self Made Vol 3 by Maybach Music Group Album Review


Maybach Music Group presents the third installment to the Self Made series. Maybach Music hosts a roster of talent. It consists of ringleader Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mills, Stalley, French Montana, Omarion, DJ Scream, and the newest member Rockie Fresh. Each individual contributes a different element or flow but they combine vibes to create a solid format. The latest release falls below manys expectations based on the quality of the preceding installments.

After the last compilation Self Made Volume 2, there was not a lot of anticipation for the new release, but optimism that this album would be be better. The album begins with a tribute to the late ‘Lil Snupe’, which exhibits the talent of the young emcee who was lost too soon. The song declares a self-made theme. This song was one of the highlights of this album.

Listening to the album, Rick Ross constantly losing his breath with his signature huffing. In addition to that, the woman who reminds us constantly that we are listening to “Maybach Music,” is even more annoying with a more choppy and sketchy introduction than ever before. If you can get past these  few nuisances, there is some hope that you will enjoy the music.

Each of the artist on this label has their own success story but they didn’t mesh well on this album.  However, there were a few notable highlights from this album. Songs like “Gallardo”, “Stack On My Belt” and “Kilo” standout for their hard banger beats. ‘“Know You Better” and “Say You Don’t” are thrown in the mix because of the R&B sounds of Omarion, not necessarily terrible songs but very typical. Substance is delivered in songs like “Black Grammy’s” and “Poor Decisions” however the stand out verses on these songs are delivered by featured artist J. Cole and Lupe Fiasco, respectively.

The introduction of rookie ‘Rockie Fresh’ is refreshing. He is definitely a diamond in the rough. He shows that he can stand his own ground and is an artist to look out for, Fresh has a nice Chi-Town flow that is worth listening too. His solo track, “God Is Great,” has a smooth beat and displays Rockie’s comfort with his emceeing expertise.

With a roster of vastly talented artist a much better listening experience was warranted. Maybe because everyone is focused on their individual endeavors the album was not a priority. Each person brings so much in terms of lyrics. creativity and uniqueness but together with the product MMG presents: Self Made Vol. 3 is lackluster. This album is rated 3 out of 5 stars.