Age Against the Machine by Goodie Mob Album Review



Making their way back onto the scene with the recent album, Age Against the Machine, Goodie Mob is back, strong and united! The southern hip hop group includes Atlanta natives Cee-Lo Green, Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp, was established in 1991. With a combination of different lyrical flows and styles, Goodie Mob had a few appearances with the Atliens of Outkast and then took center stage debuting their first album Soul Food in 1995, which was certified gold. With hit singles “Soul Food”, “Cell Therapy”, and “Dirty South”, the group had officially made its presence known.

Continuing to thrive, the second album was released in 1998 titled Still Standing. This album was also certified gold and it proved they were indeed still standing strong. After many disagreements the group fell apart. There were rumours in 2006 that the group was back together but was not officially confirmed by group members themselves until 2007. Many have speculated of the past six or so years that they were working on an album. Fast forward to now, 2013, Goodie Mob has released the greatly anticipated album Age Against the Machine.

Because of the group’s long hiatus and the change in hip-hop’s atmosphere, there was definitely a lot of uncertainty about whether or not the group still had it and if they could appeal as they did almost two decades ago. This album ceases all doubt, Goodie Mob still has the flow. The group is known for having a unique against the grain approach to hip hop and still sticks to this. The single “Special Education” featuring Janelle Monae a statement was definitely made that they have no intentions of stepping inside the box.

It is very refreshing because hip-hop has such a bland taste right now because everyone is mainstream and sticking to the same script. It is good to hear the group come back and give us a combination of their old school flavor mixed with some new school antics. The single “Pinstripes” featuring fellow Atlanta rapper T.I., attacks the simplicity of the music industry today, which definitely is an understatement.

Tracks such as “I’m Set” and “Kolors” take a peek inside gang life and it’s impact on the society, while tracks like “Amy” and “Understanding” look at some of the group members’ personal views and experiences with relationships. The album host many upbeat tempos mixed with smooth rhythms. The old school feel is still alive throughout the album and truly shows on track “Father”.  Cee-Lo Green has proven that he still has the flow even though on solo albums he mostly showcased his vocals.  Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp show that age nor time off plays a factor in their capabilities.

The album Age Against the Machine earns a 4/5 star rating from The creativeness displayed and authentic sounds, makes it a must listen. Given that today’s music industry has taken another turn, the album maybe overlooked but it should not! The loyal fans that have been rocking with Goodie Mob since 1991 will be pleased as the album is well overdue and greatly appreciated.  Congratulations to Goodie Mob the class of Special Education welcomes you.