Is Lil Wayne going to lose property because of a $3.4 million judgement?

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Is Lil Wayne going to lose property because of a $3.4 million judgement?

In the months preceding ‘Tha Carter III’ album release, Grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne agreed to allow Quincy Jones III to chronicle his life to create a documentary. Lil Wayne did not like the outcome of the video production, he stated it was a “scandalous portrayal.”

After the video was released Lil Wayne filed suit again Jones III for copyright infringement stating that Jones III didn’t have permission to use his music in this documentary. Jones III filed a counter suit claiming Wayne kept him from profiting because of his unreasonable actions. The California jury agreed with Jones and the judge provided him with a judgment totaling $3.4 million.

Jones lawyer, Pete Ross, moved the judgement to Florida where Wayne has millions in assets. Among those assets is an $11 million mansion and a Bugatti worth more than $1 million. There is a report out that Ross wants to acquire some of these assets to satisfy this judgement.

According to TMZ, “Lil Wayne is laughing at reports that he’s about to lose his mansion and fancy cars to satisfy a $3.4 million judgment against him — because he says that kind of jack is pocket change to him.”

Lil Wayne has a net worth of $110 million so is he really in danger of losing any of his assets?