DJ Spotlight: DJ New Era


DJ New Era has been on the grind since high school where he was selling t-shirts and hats out of the trunk of his car. He has been a collector of fitted hats for so long that when a buddy of his gave him the idea for his name, DJ New Era, he ran with it.

New Era has been Dj-ing for over eight years and is doing nothing but making a bigger name for himself. His movement, Fitted Cap Low, coined by DJ Holiday, has well over 50 installments with various artist coming out the south including artist from his home state Alabama, to Georgia, Texas and even Tennessee.

“You never know who is going to be in the crowd so you gotta have versatility.” New Era has been incorporating Dub-Step and Techno music into his spins to ensure that he is touching all bases with anyone that would call themselves a fan of music.

DJ New Era is the best of both worlds. He can give you heat at a show that will keep your backs off the walls and your bodies on the dance floor. And he is also one of the best mixtape djs of the south who will keep your head bobbin’ at the redlight or give new meaning to the term traffic JAM.

You can get the pleasures of hearing DJ New Era live at one of his many venues. The Corner Lounge, Vault and Club Aqua are his three playgrounds guaranteed to be a different show every time. “9 times out of 10 I am winging a show. I perform off the vibe I get from the crowd.” Or you can check him out on Livemixtapes: Dj New Era to hear his mixtapes.

Fitted Cap Low is not limited to the south, in fact the southern movement is not limited to the United States of America. One of New Era’s goals that he is actively working on is getting his buzz overseas. He is looking for talented artist overseas and working with talent to spin out there in the Euro world.

DJ New Era puts his all in his craft. “What people fail to realize is that us DJs are like producers. We have the same job in making a great sound.” The three things New Era preaches for up and coming Djs are: Be Consistent, Be Patient, and Dont look for any hand-outs. “If you not putting all your energy, money, and time in your craft to the point where you crying at night because you struggling, you not going to make it. Nothing comes easy.”

You can follow Dj New Era on Twitter or check him out on his website