Ross Life in Danger?


Around 5 this morning a Rolls Royce was shot at over a dozen times in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and crashed into a local diner. The cops have refused to release the names of the victims inside due to the safety of their lives. The law enforcers informed local media that no one was hit by bullets or injured in the accident.

The expensive full sized sedan crashed into the Floridian Diner, where the manager told reporters he saw rapper Rick “Rozay” Ross exit the vehicle without any injuries.

The police believe that he was targeted of a drive-by shooting and this was indeed no coincidence. Ricky Rozay just celebrated his birthday at Club Compound in Atlanta this past Saturday. Sources say that security was extra tight and individuals were checked in line at three different check points to insure that no weapons were permitted inside the building.

Rozay is 37 years-old today and is in fact taking extra precaution in making sure his name doesn’t outlive his life. Ricky Ross and the MMG crew have been threatened several times by Larry Hoover’s gang, the Gangster Disciples (known as the GDs).

We wish Rick Ross the best of luck in remaining safe and succeeding in his career.

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