Rap Beef in The South

Hip hop has always been known and set apart from other genres of music by its rivalry between MCs known as beef. The most notorious beef was in the 90s between rappers 2pac of Death Row records and The Notorious B.I.G. of Bad Boy Entertainment. The beef between the feuding rappers is said to have lead to the two being murdered.

Today two of Atlanta’s most well know rapper Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy are still beefing. The beef on Twitter was “presumably because of tension caused by Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Diamond,” VladTV reported.

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Recently beef between Atlanta rappers T.I. of Grand Hustle and Alley Boy of Duck Tape Entertainment has hit the media. Alley Boy released a record “I Want In” which he cited as a diss record.

Alley Boy initially went after T.I. on the first verse of this track saying “These ni**as claim they f*cking the city, b*tch you a lie.” He also dissed Young Jeezy on the same track which he released almost one year ago.

T.I. released a track addressing someone on his latest album but he will not disclose who that person is because he believes it will benefit them more than him. The title of the song is “Addresses.” One can assume that this is his response to Alley Boy although some believe the song may be referring to someone else.

Gucci mane and Yo Gotti also square up over mixtape release dates. Both Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti released a mixtape on the same day. Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane expressed his position to the world on why he had a problem with the Tennessee Rapper in a recent interview with HOT 107.9. Gucci said, “My main problem with him is that he dropped his mixtape on 10/17 and tried to ride my wave like he’s an artist of mine or we get some kind of money together. Why would you drop it if you ain’t on 1017 and when I call you as my partner to ask you why you did it, you say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were droppin’ a mixtape’? It just made me lose all respect for him instantly.”

Moving up north, the beef between former friends Cassidy and Meek Mills is heating up. There are several songs diss records that have been released by each for the other. However in a radio interview Cassidy stated that his song was not a diss record but a song he had previously made. Cassidy went on to explain that the song was released at a time when the so called beef was just catching media attention so people took it as a diss track towards Meek Mill who is also a rapper from Philly. Cassidy has now released a diss record called “Raid” responding to the record “Repo” by rapper Meek Mill.

Based on the number of beefs going on in hip hop right now it is clear to say that Hip Hop isn’t dead but going back to the roots that made it the unique genre of music is was once known for. But why are these artist beefing today, is it simply to get publicity?