Django’s Contoversial Action Figures


“American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them,” – Spike Lee

Spike Lee has been against the movie Django (Jango, the D is silent) Unchained since before the release on Christmas day. Making nothing but libelous and slanderous slurs towards a movie that he has no intentions of viewing.

Before the film was released, The Kill Bill director made comments stating that, “The truth, or the reality, was a thousand times worse than what I showed.”

Less than a month has passed and the film has won multiple Golden Globes for Best Screen Play and Best Supporting Actor in a motion picture. Not to mention the five oscar nominations including Best Motion Picture.

But the controversy doesn’t stop with Spike Lee. Rev. Al Sharpton’s and Rev. Tulloss from the National Action Network called for a national boycott on the newly released action figurines which contained ten characters from the slave revenge love story. “Selling this doll is highly offensive to our ancestors and the African American community,” said Tulloss.

Even Najee Ali from Project Islamic Hope has spoke against the selling of the dolls. “I actually enjoyed the movie (twice), but we cannot support this type of commercialization.”

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke has stepped forward to defend the movies success and speak out against Spike Lee who he calls an Uncle Tom. “Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is a brilliant flick that more accurately depicts the African-American experience than any of the 15 movies about black culture Lee’s directed in his lifetime.” Uncle Luke then continues his defense by stating that, “Some of the most brutal scenes in Django Unchained are metaphors for the unfair racial inequality African-Americans still experience today.”

The film’s action figures have been discontinued and banned from being sold on Ebay. The 10 set action figure collection that was once $299 has now escalated in rarity and price well up to over 2 thousand dollars.

Do you think that it is unfair for this film to get all of the negative responses that it is receiving or do you believe that it is a just cause. Let us know what you below.