Chris Vs. Frank


Chris Brown has been involved in a brawl over a parking spot at Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. MTV News reports that the altercation between Brown and Frank Ocean started over an occupied parking spot.

Witnesses told reporters that Ocean blocked Brown from being able to move his vehicle and said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Brown then went to resolve the incident before it escalated by attempting to shake Ocean’s hand when a member of his crew attacked Brown.

Brown fought back and injured Ocean’s hand in which he received a cut on his finger. Ocean took to twitter stating that he was jumped by Brown and six men, and that since he has a cut on his finger he can only play his piano with one hand.

When police arrived to the location Brown was not on site. Ocean, although agitated the incident was deemed the victim by local law enforcements causing Chris Brown to have another negative perception of his character.

(source : MTV NEWS

(Picture source: Getty Images)