@2Chainz Most Expensivest Shit and hip hop culture!


2 Chainz is one of the hottest rappers around and that is evident in his swag and style. The rapper, who reportedly charges $100,000 for a guest verse, is also among the most hyped entertainers around and makes no bones about having an expensive taste and appreciation for the finer things in life. That fact has been placed into the spotlight in recent times with the growing popularity of his Most Expensivest Shit video series.

But does the message in these videos really have a place in hip hop culture or do they run counter to what is the norm? Just in case you are not up to speed with the series, 2 Chainz has been putting out a number of videos depicting an ultra-expensive lifestyle. Things like eating $1,000 ice cream sundaes, smoking the most expensive blunts and shopping for the most expensive sneakers (one actually cost $25,000) and so on. The series is sponsored by GQ and seeks to uncover the most expensive items that the rich and famous would actually spend money on.

With a number of websites estimating the hip hop star’s net worth between 2 and 6 million dollars, it is evident that he can afford to buy these things and so can many of hip hop’s top selling artistes. In fact, although the videos are centered on 2 Chainz’s reality, it speaks a lot to the lifestyle practiced by many hip hop celebrities. An art form that blossomed from the streets, hip hop has been seen as much more than just rap music, today it encompasses fashion, art, politics and sex. It is a billion-dollar industry and has made a number of American men and women rich, some beyond their wildest dreams.

So, what’s the link to 2 Chainz and his “Most Expensivest Shit” videos? Apart from the obvious grammatical error, it is indicative of one topic that is glorified and proliferated in hip hop music. If you listen to hip hop, there are certain themes that are repeated over and over. They include fly girls, dope, guns, respect and, of course, money. Think about it; the terms “Get rich or die trying” and “Money over bitches” aren’t just good punchlines, they are actual realities of young Americans who are influenced by hip hop culture. As a result, the video series represents the aspirations and pursuits of many rap artistes who want to be able to buy anything they want, regardless of the price tag.

Does it matter if it’s over priced? Well, it depends on what exactly it is and who’s buying. Going through the series, it is obvious that 2 Chainz has no qualms shelling out big bucks on things like an ice cream sundae with real gold bits, rare chocolate pieces and salt-free caviar, or drinking a martini worth $10,000. However, when faced with the idea of paying thousands of bucks for a psychic reading or buying a limited edition Air Jordan for $25,000, the “I’m Different” rapper decides that they were just not worth it. This would indicate that although rappers love to glorify and spend money, they do have some amount of levelheadedness as it relates to drawing the line somewhere. What do you think?