A3C Recap


For almost a decade A3C continues to grow and become a greater event. Over the course of 5 days Atlanta experienced one of the best music festivals in the world. A3C, the long awaited for music event of the year finally made its’ arrival. This event annually brings out thousands including artist from all over the United States to showcase their different forms of art as well as open up the floor for discussion and networking with the different panels and events hosted by top people in the entertainment industry.

Walking into the Meliá the first day of the festival was an event itself. Long awaited the arrival had come. Any and everyone who could be a part of the event were present. Whether it was for the learning experience to gain knowledge or to display how the musical aspects have had an impact on their life everyone was trying to gain entry.

Walking through the line to get the passes for the event became the first networking experience. As if you had let loose kids in an amusement park, everyone disbursed trying to make use of the time and connections available. The event started off with a panel featuring the Georgia native Jermaine Dupri. Speaking on the different forms and ways technology could gain you entry into the entertainment business. The panel was very informative. Later that night the musical concerts began with appearances from artist like Kidd Kidd, August Alsina, Ryan Collins, DJ Dug Boogie, Rich Homie Quan, Miloh Smith, and Too Short.

The one and only Wendy Day hosted one of the most notable panels on day two. Being direct and frank about the moods of the industry. Wendy is the founder of Rap Coalition, an organization that helps negotiate deals for hip-hop artists. Wendy targeted on the topic of branding and getting your name known inside the music realm. Guest speaker Skyzoo was amongst the speakers on the panel. He shed some light on the actual experience of coming up in the industry and how he made his presence known to the best in the industry.

Throughout the event there were a variety of different booths, events and concerts all over Atlanta. The Heineken Mural project shed light on those who portray their influence through painting and the murals can be spotted in the within the city. There were fashion shows as well as short films competitions that presented different aspects of the hip hop lifestyle. One of the short films presented displayed a group of kid’s reaction to a major topic of discussion as of the late, the case of Trayvon Martin. The elementary school children put together a short film including music that characterized their reaction to the current events.

A3C featured stages from different states literally all three coast were represented. Some of them allowed more doors to be opened for artist who have been trying to branch out but only seeing glass ceilings. Every night artists like Sy Ari Da Kid, Doe B, Chill Moody, Mike Barz and many more came out and put a full on concert for venues packed to capacity. The event concluded with one of the biggest and best block partied to ever hit the city, Beer and Tacos, it was very apparent why earplugs were put in the swag bags. Standing front row and center the music with live bands and all it was only a room filled with good energy, great people and wonderful music.

The event was not just about telling people how to create their ground breaking movement but it also brought together people who genuinely love hip hop and the lifestyle was celebrated throughout every part of the event.