Uncle Sam Wants his $$$


It’s tax season and several of our favorite artist are in trouble with Uncle Sam. Joseph Cartagena known to us as the Terror Squad leader Fat Joe, plead guilty on December 20, 2012 to tax evasion. He has been evading the Department of Revenue since 2007. He owes over $700,000 is is expected to be sentenced in April of this year with up to two years of jail time.

Nasir Jones owes Georgia Department of Revenue about $1,083,435 for the years of 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Nas isn’t facing any jail time but the GDR is demanding Live Nation to garnish his wages to up to a million dollars from his current tour with recording artist Lauren Hill.

Super producer Swizz Beatz was just accused of not paying $98,246 in New York taxes back in 2010 but found documentation proving that he had in fact paid the IRS the proper amount of money to clear his name.

Lil’ Wayne was also behind on his taxes as far back as 2002. Mr. Carter had to even sale back a few properties he owned at a lower price than he purchased them for before he was incarcerated to make payments towards the debt. He recently paid the the last of his debt off which made the total payments of over $7.7 million to clear his name.